My name is Denis Goulding and i have been Flyfishing for over 30 years. I thought it was about time i started a Blogg on my trips around Ireland and abroad. Those who know me , will know i am a keen angler and i really enjoy the social aspect of the sport, yes a sport , fishing isnt a hobby.

I hope the weekly bloggs will be of Interest to you, as i fish for trout on various waters, Rivers, Large Resevoirs, the Wild Loughs of Ireland and of course the small stillwaters . I will try to explain different techniques/ methods that i employ on these waters as the seasons change. And of course the flies i use during these times

Over the years i have fished with some of the best Anglers in the country and made many life long friends through fishing.

Reading some Introductories on Bloggs, they tell you how many times they are capped for their country, all the different countries they have fished in, different competitions they have won , the numerous pro-teams they are involved with and the huge trout they have caught during their fishing careers. We have all done or are doing lots of these things, but i will let this season speak for itself and see if the Blogg is of any interest to you all. I will give it a year and we will see what happens

So Tight lines to you all in 2017 and stay tuned